Prithviraj's Birthday: Some Career-Defining Roles of the Actor [PHOTOS]

Prithviraj in "Sapthamashree Thaskaraha" Facebook/Prithviraj

Heartfelt birthday greetings to Malayalam film industry's young superstar Prithviraj!

Prithviraj, who is arguably one of the finest and versatile actors in the industry now, celebrates his 32nd birthday today. Wishes and greetings have been coming in from all parts of the world, and IBTimes India thought of celebrating Prithviraj's birthday by going through the career graph of the actor, and showcasing some of his career-defining roles.

Born to actors Sukumaran and Mallika Sukumar, Prithviraj initially had no plans of being an actor. 19-year-old Prithviraj, who was pursuing his degree in IT, was introduced by director Ranjith to the world of cinema, through "Nandanam" in 2002. The film was a huge success, and the teenager then decided to try his luck in films, which eventually turned out to be the best decision of his life.

Prithviraj was caught up in the industry's monotonous style of filmmaking and storyline at one point. Even then, he managed to make a place for himself in Malayalam, which had only two true superstars - Mohanlal and Mammootty - back then.

Like any other actor, Prithviraj's journey in the industry was not an easy one, and his career saw the best and the worst moments early on. Some of his films bombed at the box office, and he was considered an unlucky one. But just when everybody thought he would be out from the industry, the actor made a comeback with the best of roles and films. The audience welcomed him back, and the industry as always forgot the past and embraced their new star.

Prithviraj can also be seen as the most controversial and criticised actor in recent history. Some of his views did not go down well with many in the industry, and in a way he earned the wrath of other stars, their fans and the so-called policy makers in the industry. Not only his films but also his marriage, family life and his daughter's name became a matter of concern for the "moral" society.

Despite all the criticism surrounding him, Prithviraj had managed to answer his critics with the best of roles and performances. Today, as he celebrates his 32nd birthday, Prithviraj has become an unavoidable aspect of Malayalam cinema, who is now not only an actor but also a playback singer, producer and philanthropist.

We wish Prithviraj continued success and hope he continues to entertain those who love cinema. Here we list some career-defining roles of Prithviraj.

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