The King Loves episodes 39, 40 (finale) recap: Season 2 predictions

The King Loves, a MBC historical drama also known as The King In Love, completed its 20 episodes run on Tuesday, September 19. Now, the fans are eager to know if MBC will renew it.

Although the finale featured a happy ending for Wang Rin, Eun San and Wang Won, the viewers had mixed reactions about the ending. While a section of fans was happy to see Wang Rin and Eun San together, a few were disappointed after watching Wang Won being left alone by his friends.

While a viewer wrote, "The ending was pretty apt, i think. Bittersweet, yes, but justified", another fan of the Korean drama stated, "This is such an unfair ending, I hate the fact that Won was left alone at the end while the other 2 got to be together."

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A poster of MBC historical drama The King Loves. MBC

In the finale, Song In killed his lackey, Moo Suk, and he died in the hands of Wang Rin. But before meeting his demise the antagonist did not forget to set a trap for King Chungnyeol and his son. When officials from Yuan raised questions against the King, the crown prince tried his best to prove his father's innocence and he drastically failed in his attempt.

So, Wang Rin came up with a plan to help the King. With the help of his friend, Wang Won was able to spend some time with his father. He was crowned as the new King of Goryeo, but he did not get his happy ending with Eun San and Wang Rin. They had to leave the country and stay in hiding.

The King Loves finale featured a happy ending for Wang Rin and Eun San. MBC

The Crown Prince always missed his friends, as he was very lonely in life. When he heard the female lead is back in the country, he wanted to meet her. Since he did not want to create any problems for them, he went to Yuan and stayed there for several years.

The King Loves season 2 might feature a reunion for Wang Won, Eun San and Wang Rin. MBC

With an average of seven percent viewership ratings and a large number of international fans, The King Loves has already secured its place in the television world. If MBC renews the series for a second season, it will probably feature a reunion between Wang Won, Eun San and Wang Rin. The drama could narrate the story through flashback sequences and reveal the reason for Wang Won to leave Goryeo.

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