Gino Marcello Fracchiolla: An Unlikely Story of One of the Most Successful Marketers in LA

As one of the top PR and Marketers in Los Angeles, Gino has turned his time behind bars into a success story. Gino Marcello Fracchiolla's digital marketing agency, Infiniti Marketing Group, has become one of the fastest-growing businesses in LA. He strayed far from his original path before getting to where he is today. When you look at his successful business, it's easy to forget where he started.

Before becoming the CEO of Infiniti Marketing Group, he was charged with drug trafficking. Despite serving time in prison, he did not let his then life choices dictate his future. Not one to fall back into old habits, he began to make positive changes in his life. He redirected his time and energy into creating his business. Now grounded in clarity, he realized he wanted to help others make their lives easier. Learning from his past, he began to work as a marketer and looked for clients.

He claims his company soon became one of the fastest-growing marketing companies and agencies in LA county. His company does everything from public relations and web design to social media. After gaining a new perspective on life, he began to represent celebrities, rappers, real estate professionals, and social media influencers. His marketing agency treats each client fairly and equally no matter their background or profession. It is his goal to deliver top-rated service which keeps his clients happy.

His work is not limited to PR and marketing. Last year, he started yet another business called "Verified on IG." His new company is directed at helping influencers gain more followers and engagement as well as Instagram verification. His fast-growing companies have a reputation for providing excellent service to people by understanding their needs and delivering consistent results. From celebrities to realtors, he covers all of the bases to help everyone succeed. He plans to further his business ventures into the music industry in 2021.

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