America's rich made $637 billion in COVID; we lost 40 million jobs

The American billionaires always seem to keep making billions, COVID, or not. We always hear the adage that the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep struggling, well this is a reality. Wake up and smell the coffee America.

The world sees Americans as rather 'woke' people who make their democracy work for them and ensure equitable growth and prosperity for all. But is that true? A big fat no! We have ensured to vote such 'brilliant' people to power who ONLY cater to the corporations. The numbers don't lie. Also, check your bank balance today, those numbers won't lie as well.

US Billionaires made $637 billion during COVID-19

The U.S billionaires got $637 billion richer during the COVID-19 pandemic,
while 40 million Americans filed for unemployment. The blue-eyed billionaires just keep increasing their net worths while you wait for the next paycheck to arrive. While your homes are repossessed, while you're crushed under debt. The rich enjoy their caviars with fine Russian vodka on their billion-dollar yacht, and you worry about securing a roof over your head.

The governments we elect have time and again disproportionately given more aid to banks and corporations, while Average Americans suffered and endured losses.

Did you know that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos's net worth from March - June 2020 increased by more than $48 Billion? All this while you battled unemployment. America's job-loss numbers went through the roof, so did the net worth of billionaires. The Zoom CEO made more than $2.5Bn, Ex-Microsoft CEO, Steve Balmer made more than $15 Billion and Elon Musk made north of $17Bn during the pandemic. DURING THE PANDEMIC.

As per BI, the U.S billionaires in total (roughly) made over more than $637 BILLION during the pandemic.

  • Jeff Bezos made: $48 Billion.
  • Ex-Microsoft CEO, Steve Balmer made: $15 Billion
  • Elon Musk made: $17Bn
  • The Zoom CEO made: $2.5Bn
American rich are getting richer. IBT

40 million Americans are unemployed.

Meanwhile, over 40 million (and counting) Americans are unemployed. A study reveals that between 2009 and 2012, the incomes of bottom 99% (basically, you and us) grew ONLY by 0.4% yes, you read that right 0.4%. But that's not it, the income of the top 1% billionaires went up by 31.4%.

The rich get aid, the poor struggle to get paid

The U.S Governments love the rich and the corporations. Everyday American joe can just, you know. So the governments give more aid to banks and corporations because 'they need it more than the homeless'.

The rich Americans save tax, you get the ax

How are you enjoying paying those taxes? Have they broken your backs yet? Meanwhile, the taxes of US Billionaires reduced, yes REDUCED by 79% since 1980.

And that's not where it ends, the U.S loses around $200 billion to tax havens EVERY YEAR. And that's just legally. But what's $200 billion/year right? Well, it is three-times the money your Government had earmarked for the Department of Education (2021).

We can go on and on. But why should you care? Just go back to living in oblivion and supporting the corporate sharks get their new pet-person as the next President of the U.S of A.

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